Superb Animated Bizarro Superman Film – And You Can Even Watch It In 3D, If You Wish

Robb Pratt‘s Superman Classic was a lovely tribute to the Fleischer Superman toons, filtered heavily through the director’s Disney-trained sensibilities. It was a lovely indication of how the classic Superman characters and tone would, even still, translate to the screen.

He’s now followed up with Bizarro Classic. You can watch the clip here, plus a little explanation of how it was put together.

There’s a bit of a mismatch between styles when the acting gets really eye-popping, but Pratt’s onto something here. Something that I very much doubt Warner Animation will ever get too close to. And that was a neat bit of backwind in Bizarro’s music cues, not to mention his line of dialogue.

Thanks to Cartoon Brew for the embed.

And here’s the 3D version. It doesn’t make use of YouTube’s stereo options, unfortunately, but anybody with anaglyphic specs can join in.