Will Arnett Cast As Batman, Channing Tatum As Superman, But…

Warner Bros. have just beaten Disney in one race they may never admit they were ever having.

While World’s Finest fell apart and Justice League is still some way down the track, Warners are casting up their first big screen Batman-Superman pairing…

…for Phil Lord and Christopher Miller’s Lego: The Piece of Resistance.

The film’s story, say Variety, is about a normal, apparently meek Lego mini figure living in some kind of Lego world. He’s mistaken for “the master builder”, whoever that is. Somebody good at building – nay, masterful. Chris Pratt has been cast as this particular assortment of plastic pieces.

For the role of Lego Batman, the directors and studio have roped in Will Arnett. Changing Tatum has been tapped for Superman, but he’s rather busy. C’mon Tatum. This is your one shot at Superman.

I bet you anything they get Depp in for Lego Jack Sparrow and Daniel Radcliffe as Lego Harry Potter.

It may be some time until we see Disney put Marvel characters in one of their family toons, and without an obvious vehicle like this Lego movie they might struggle to find ideal means. It will happen though, and every dollar Piece of Resistance pulls at the box office is only going to encourage them more.