Lying In The Gutters - 25th July 2012

Lying In The Gutters – 25th July 2012

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Bleeding Cool’s Will Romine is now a meme. We’re terribly proud.

Two weeks to San Diego… two weeks to Walking Dead #100.  This week was a little low on rumours, but I get the feeling that’s about to change sharpish. Already today we’ve got what seem to be details on Ant Man and Guardians Of The Galaxy movie with the goss about to spill out of Heroes Con. And I’ve just had to turn down an invite to meet Edgar Wright and Tommy Lee Edwards for the launch of the final part of Brandon Generator, in London. Why? Because it’s the same day San Diego Comic Con begins. Talk about bad timing…

So what were you reading this week?

Top Twenty Traffic Stories This Week

1. DC Comics Liquidating Stacks Of Trade Paperbacks

2. Marvelman Comes To Avengers Vs X-Men?

3. The Boy Who Hated Ultimate Spider-Man

5. Swipe File: Yes, You Are Right, He Looks Like Nightwing

6. HD UPDATE: Full Trailer For The New Judge Dredd Movie

7. Ed Brubaker On Leaving Captain America, Working For Marvel And Dealing With Before Watchmen

8. To Cyclops, The Spoils Of War

9. George Perez Talking About Being Rewritten On Superman

10. The DC Comic That Doesn’t Exist – Orange Ivy

11. Fun And Frolics With The Continuity Of Batman Inc

12. Jim Carrey Bails On Sequel, Dumb And Dumber To

13. Did The Comedian Kill Marilyn Monroe? Five Pages From Before Watchmen

14. New Full Trailer For The Dark Knight Rises Leaps Out

15. First Poster And Tagline For Transformers 4?

16. Twelve Thoughts About Twelve Comics

18. The Boy Who Still Hates Ultimate Spider-Man

19. Absolute Top Ten… But Where’s The Second Half?

20. Dark Avengers #176 – What Up?

And Ten More You May Prefer…

1. Brian Michael Bendis Thanks Howard Chaykin For The Blow Job

2. Terry Gilliam And John Landis Go Through The Night For German TV

3. Doc Savage #18 Finally Released. Not That DC Comics Is Telling You About It.

4. Mark Strong To Star In Provenance

5. Alan Moore’s Jerusalem And New League For 2013

6. First Poster For The Paddington Movie From The Director Of The Mighty Boosh

7. Light Skinned Males Wanted As Cosplayers For San Diego

8. The Writer Of Beetlejuice 2 Shares His Recipe

9. Ten Ways For Americans To Get To Know Jonathan Ross

10. Under The Skin Of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter With Director Timur Bekmembetov

Thanks to Grace Randolph, Adi Tantimedh, Aaron Haaland, Jesse James, Eliot Cole, Jake Capps, Adam Messinger, Alistair Stuart, Dave Dellacase, David Doub, Dr Manolis Vamvounis, Christian Hoffer,

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