The 1969 Spider-Man Fan Film

The 1969 Spider-Man Fan Film

Posted by June 21, 2012 Comment

Directed by one Donald F. Glut, a film school contemporary of George Lucas who later wrote the best-selling novelisation of The Empire Strikes Back, this 1969 fan film might be the first live action interpretation of Spider-Man full stop.

The basic tone of the thing isn’t too far off a Ray Dennis Steckler movie, but it has even lower production values. There’s some ingenuity in the varied web effects, however.

Thanks to Bad Ass Digest for the video. It sent me on a trail that led to the DVD set of Glut’s collected amateur works, which includes this Spider-Man film, plus shorts featuring Batman, King Kong, The Shadow, and many more. I’m amazed it’s still for sell, so I snapped up my copy right away. Now I’m going to resist clicking around YouTube so I can gorge on them when the discs arrive.


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