Has David Slade Revealed Who He Wants To Star In His Daredevil Reboot?

Twitter is, direct messaging aside, a rather public forum, and for snoops, there might sometimes be scoops, juicy ripe for the plucking. Other times, this low hanging fruit is rotten stuff.

You be the judge of what value is held in this potential newslet.

Empire saw a Twitter exchange taking place between Hard Candy and 30 Days of Night director David Slade and a fan. Slade has been working on the new Daredevil reboot, working with screenwriter David James Kelly on a screenplay inspired by Frank Miller's Born Again comics, though things have lately been pretty quiet.

The fan pitched a couple of questions, which Slade answered as one.

Was Slade answering the first part of her comment? The second? Both at once? Frankly, it's wide open to misinterpretation. Does he just want to get back to work, or does he want to turn Josh Hartnett into Matt Murdock?

Slade has since deleted the tweet, which will only stoke the flames.