Can Rafa Sandoval Actually Draw Catwoman Zero?

There’s been a lot of fuss about the cover of Catwoman Zero and the Guillem March cover. But what about the insides, solicited as being drawn by Rafa Sandoval?

You see Sandoval is a Marvel exclusive artist, currently working on X-Men Legacy. Quite the coup of DC.

But he still has multiple issues left on his exclusive contract.

Too many to draw in time to be able to draw Catwoman Zero.

Sure he may be leaving Marvel and signing to DC – in fact this looks like strong evidence of that.

Just not quite yet.

Naughty DC, they did something similar with Alessandro Vitelli on Blackhawks. They solicited with his name on the book, despite being a Marvel exclusive artist. At the time, DC’s David Hyde told me that DC would never solicit a book with a Marvel exclusive artist, but failed to explain why that was exactly what they had done. By the time the book came out, the artist had changed to Graham Nolan…

So… who will draw Catwoman Zero now? Maybe Alessandro is free now? Or maybe Rafa can buy himelf out of his contract…

DC Comics did not respond to e-mails.


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