Boundless Plug of the Week – War Goddess #8

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Get ready for War Goddess #8, in stores today!

In issue #8, the war goddess Pandora is hunting for the dark matter entity that ripped its way into our dimension and unleashed the threat of Satheeno (see the previous story arc of issues #5-8 for more on that story). Tracking the entity to an offshore oil drilling platform, she finds something mechanical and deadly stalking the corridors. Meanwhile, the human/spider hybrid Widow has a deep, dark secret.

Boundless Comics has provided a short preview of the action here:

War Goddess #8 comes to us courtesy of horror writer Mike Wolfer (Lady Death, Stitched, Night of the Living Dead) and artist Andres Ponce, and is available in three cover variants: Regular, Sultry, and Wraparound editions.


War Goddess #8 Regular Edition
$3.99 Retail, Diamond Item Code: MAR120904
Cover by Matt Martin


War Goddess #8 Sultry Edition
$3.99 Retail, Diamond Item Code: MAR120905
Cover by Michael DiPascale (Hero Worship)


War Goddess #8 Wraparound Edition
$3.99 Retail, Diamond Item Code: MAR120906
Cover by Michael DiPascale

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