DC Confirms Scott Lobdell To Write Superman To The Huffington Post, And He’s Bringing Kenneth Rocafort

Bleeding Cool first reported that Scott Lobdell would be the new Superman writer back in April.

Now DC Comics have made it official by arranging an interview with Lobdell and the Huffington Post and Big Shiny Robot. And they reveal that the artist will be the previously-on-Red Hood And The Outlaws Kenneth Rocafort, Lobdell’s doing a Superman Annual as well, with gems such as;

As far as comparing Superman to the other books, I would say apples and oranges — if those apples and oranges had a bright red “S” on their chests! Grant [Morrison] does that great retro-freshness he does and Geoff [Johns] gives us an unbridled action movie every month — I’m determined to give you a Superman that surprises you from issue to issue.

That’s not hyperbole, either, when I finished the plot for the first issue I gasped!

I am a huge fan of team books and I find that Teen Titans is maybe the newest and freshest take on teen super hero books on the market today. And Red Hood and The Outlaws is every bit as amazing and anarchistic as the fans proclaim it is — I would place it in the top five of the industry’s best books!

The idea of an insane Superman should be the most horrifying thing anyone of us can imagine, for example, but when that person winds up being a cute and cuddly Bizarro, it takes the villain out of super villain.

We plan to change that.

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