Twenty Thoughts About Twenty Of Today’s Comics

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The UK may have it’s comics delayed today, but that’s okay, we have Floridan insight from our own, our very own, Aaron Haarland from A Comic Shop.

Action #10 has a new villain for Superman, a big game hunter, and a new secret ID for Supes.

Batwing #10 is international, globe trotting with Nightwing and squaring off against the Penguin.

Dial H #2 is a one man Doom Patrol.

Worlds’ Finest #2 continues to have PG wear her full body suit costume, but have nearly nude Miz Starr scenes.

JLI #10 continues the trend of Guy Gardner wearing white boots in at least one panel.

Red Lanterns #10 features a fight with Stormwatch and Midnighter punching a cat in the face! Stormwatch #10 says “rage” on the cover but does not feature Red Lanterns.

Swamp Thing #10 has the return of Anton Arcane and the Un-men, also a real creepy twist to Abby’s relationship with her mother.

Animal Man #10 continues my love of Lemire writing Justice League Dark! Constantine cracks on Cliff’s mullet, I’ve been waiting for someone to say something!

Earth 2 #2 seems to be a place where DC dumps intelligent black men and gay lanterns. DC’s gay marriage proposal mashes up with Alan Scott’s original origin and it looks like it’s going to go very differently than Marvel’s bite at the gay marriage apple.

Avengers vs X-Men #5 was the big game changer. The second act starts and the Phoenix Force is now a team! Seem like only the Scarlet Witch can stop them now. (Also, I’m glad I got to read VS #3 all ready to see the extended fights from this issue! Black Widow and Magik do the limbo). And if you don’t get enough Generation Hope in Uncanny X-Men #13, put up Avengers Academy #31.

The old/new Iron Man #518 is out. Is it just me, or did Disney buying Marvel mainly result in Tron costumes for everybody?

The New Thunderbolts become the New Dark Avengers! If you liked Skaar, Son of Hulk, he’s here. Luke Cage is still here too. Everyone fights each other in the classic Marvel tradition.

Defenders #7 has Black Panther! Why do all these books guest star heroes with recently cancelled titles?

Epic Kill #2…it’s an Elektra reboot, right?

Dan The Unharmable #2…”oh sweet Jesus” indeed.

The Artifacts sequel is out, it’s called Prophecy.

Creator-Owner Heroes #1 is freaking awesome! Two comics, a Neil Gaiman interview and cosplay! Support creators by buying this book! It’s like a preventative donation to Hero’s Initiative, but no one is ill.

Morning Glories #19!!! Out of respect for Nick I’m not going to even hint at spoiling this. However, this is the only time I ever got a follow up email from Image saying please don’t spoil the epic ending of an issue in your review…

X-O Manowar is Walking Dead except with aliens instead of zombies! Seriously.

Finally…Before Watchmen: Minutemen! Darwin Cooke is the new Alan Moore. One reimagined Swamp Thing, Charlaton heroes, and literary characters, the other took on the Spirit, Parker, silver age DC, and now the Watchmen mythos. This book delivered. Skip it if you feel you must, but I loved every page.

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