Lying In The Gutters – 4th April 2012

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This was the week in which ComiXology got hacked… and ComiXology hacked right back again. When the mainstream media caught up with the existence of gay superhero characters again. And when we delved into Frank Miller’s childhood past for his current inspiration. Oh and I went to a Jubilee celebration in my Captain Britain T-Shirt.

And in the week that Bleeding Cool Magazine #0 hits comic stores, according to Technorati, Bleeding Cool is now the third most influential Entertainment blog. We’re so close to being the second… Nikki Finke, we’re on our way…

Top Twenty Traffic Posts

1. The Top Ten Most Ridiculous Movie Posters At Cannes

2. When The Topless Bodypaint Superheroines Were Banned From Comic Con

3. Yes, America, It’s Alan Scott

4. Iron Man 3 To Feature Iron Patriot, But There’s A Catch

5. Superman No Longer Fighting A Woman On The Cover Of Superman

6. It’s Official. Alan Scott, The Original Green Lantern Is DC’s Newest Gay Hero

7. When Kyle Rayner Took Alan Scott To A Gay Dance

8. Ethan Van Sciver And Gail Simone Bring Back Plastic Man

9. The Real Reasons For The GI Joe 2 Delay – And Duke Becomes Schroedinger’s Soldier

10. A Batman Annual And A Batman Retcon

11. John Byrne Turned Down Before Watchmen

12. Prometheus – The Bleeding Cool Review

13. When Chris Roberson Got James Robinson’s Copies Of Earth Two #2

14. The Many Faces Of Greg Land’s Ben Grimm

15. Talking To Jessica Nigri About Cosplay

16. A Major Character Death In The Walking Dead #98. Again

17. Okay, So This Must Be The First Mainstream Gay Kiss In Comics

18. Massive Cosplay Round-Up: Phoenix Comicon, Day Three

19. Images From The Dark Knight Returns Preview Are More Interesting Than What Came Before

20. So What Was The First Mainstream Gay Kiss In Comics Anyway?

And Ten You May Prefer…

1. Can You Help Oliver Nome?

2. Terry Gilliam Getting Ready To Reveal Secrets Of The Man Who Killed Don Quixote

3. The Queen Delays Before Watchmen And Gay Green Lantern

4. When Bleeding Cool Interrupted Gina Carano’s Beach Time To Talk About Haywire, In The Blood And Fast 6

5. Frank Miller’s The Fixer: Year One

6. Breaking Into Chronicle – Genre, Gender, Found Footage And The Follow Up

7. Scott Kolins To Draw Legion Of Super Heroes From Issue Zero

8. William Peter Blatty And William Friedkin Have Their Own Exorcist Miniseries Planned

9. ComiXology Tracked Reddit Downloaders

10. Nick Frost’s Three Year Plan, Cockney Lump, Simon Pegg… But No More Paul

And special thanks to Grace Randolph, Kate Kotler, Greg Baldino, Aaron Haaland, Adi Tantimedh, Jesse James, Larry Young, Matthew Funk, Adam Messinger, Jiggy Cruz, Alasdair Stuart and James Sabata.

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