First Plot Details For Eli Roth’s Green Inferno Promise Cannibal Shenanigans

Well done to those of you who called it: the title of Eli Roth‘s next picture, The Green Inferno, is indeed a reference to Cannibal Holocaust.

According to Variety, the film will be about:

an idealistic student and a group of naive do-gooders who are captured by cannibalistic Indios after their plane crash lands in the Peruvian jungle.

So we have the staple of Roth’s work, right there. The cannibalism provides the visceral horror and, most likely, gross-out imagery; the travails of the idealist and the “do-gooders” gives him a platform for some satire.

Roth will really have to go some if The Green Inferno is to displace his Hostel films in my affections (if affections is the right word), but I’m sure he’ll be trying very hard indeed to make this quite a jaw-dropper.

The whole Cannibal genre is a little out of time now, so much of the intrigue will be in seeing how it becomes relevant again.

Well, assuming it does. Perhaps, like Cabin Fever, this film is going to be a bit lighter, and more of a call-back than a reinvention.