Let The Right One In Team Reunite For Fantasy Film, The Brothers Lionheart

Let The Right One In Team Reunite For Fantasy Film, The Brothers Lionheart

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Tomas Alfredson and John Ajvide Lindqvist are reuniting to bring Astrid Lindgren‘s The Brothers Lionheart, originally Bröderna Lejonhjärta, back to the big screen. The film has never been subject to a big budget interpretation before, and Alfredson will indeed be making the biggest spend in Swedish film history, clocking in at something like 200 million Swedish krona.

For context, that’s described as several hundred percent greater than the budget of Let the Right One In by Kultur. I wonder if this is expensive enough that the film will have to be in English to have a real chance at recouping at the international box office?

This screenplay will be first time Ajvide Lindqvist has adapted another person’s work for the big screen. Here’s a blurb for the story, which seems to be about young brothers who die and find themselves in an afterlife ruled by an evil tyrant:

There’s no one Karl Lion loves more than his older brother, Jonathan, who is brave, strong, and handsome – everything Karl believes he is not. Karl never wants to be parted from him. But Karl is sick, and knows he’s going to die. To comfort him, Jonathan tells him stories of Nangiyala, the wonderful place he’ll be going to when he dies, and where he will wait until Jonathan is ready to join him there. Then the unthinkable happens …Jonathan is killed in an accident. Heartbroken, Karl longs for the day he’ll be reunited with his brother. When the time comes, he finds Nangiyala just as wonderful as he’d imagined. However, Nangiyala is under threat. A cruel tyrant is determined to claim it as his own, and at his command is a terrible beast that is feared throughout the land. Karl must summon all of his courage to help his brother prepare for the battle that lies ahead…

I understand that there are dragons and some rather epic dust ups.

Alfredson will also be reuniting with his producer Peter ”Pjodor” Gustafsson and superb cinematographer Hoyte van Hoytema on the project.

I think we can expect good things here. More as it comes along – and thanks to Little Bleeder Jonas for his assistance putting this together.

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