Iron Man 3 Mini-Rushes – All The Goings On With Marvel’s Next

Now that Iron Man 3 has started shooting and the on-set spies have had something to actually start spying on, some interesting little bits and pieces have started to roll forth. Here’s a round-up of more recent newslets relating to the picture.

Chinese actor Liu Ye and actresses Fan Bingbing (above) and Yao Chen have been offered a role in the film. Andy Lau may no longer appear. What will they all do? Nobody is saying, yet. [Yahoo Malaysia]

Jon Favreau is coming back to the Iron Man fold for the third time. Not to direct, of course, but to reprise the role of Happy Hogan. [Twitter/THR]

William Sadler has been spotted having a costume fitting for the film. There have been multiple writers seen on set too, not limited to director Shane Black and Drew Pearce, but we don’t know who else. Yet. [Latino Review]

Storyboard artist Federico Dalessandro has been speaking out about the film. Perhaps too much. [Desde Hollywood]

I can’t say much, because I don’t want to be killed by Disney assassins! However I can say that Shane Black is a master storyteller and the movie is in really good hands. The story delves deeper into Tony Stark’s character. By the end of the movie, audiences will have a much better understanding of what his fears are and what makes him tick. I think audiences are really going to enjoy that. There are also some really cool action scenes. It’s going to be a thrilling movie.