A Spoiler For The Beginning Of Prometheus. Yep – The Beginning

I'm reminded once again of the poster for Gambit, the brilliant comedy caper (with imminent Coens-scripted remake) that came with the tagline:

Go ahead – tell the ending – it's too hilarious to keep secret – but please don't tell the beginning!

A new interview with a cast member of Prometheus gives away his big moment from the opening scene. Read on for more details after the SPOILER break. The scene in question was not shown, I might add, in the fifteen minute preview I attended.

Okay, so courtesy of If Only (via AVP Galaxy) here's bit-part player Daniel Twiss explaining how he gets the ball rolling at the top end of the film:

In the original Alien, the crew encounter the 'Space Jockey', now known as an 'Engineer'… however, as this is a semi-prequel, the 'Engineers' have a much bigger part to play. My character is that of a fairly young 'Engineer' who ritualistically sacrifices himself in the opening scene.

This sacrifice is very different to any others as I have to drink an ancient mix which causes my body to literally disintegrate into the water around me. This then provides the first building blocks for new life to form on the alien planet. There are two other 'Engineers' who are in the rest of the film and have fairly largeparts, but you will have to wait for release to find out more.

Crikey, Daniel, I'd double lock the door tonight. I reckon Ridley's gonna send the boys round.

It seems pretty clear that it's Daniel we see standing near the waterfall in the trailer, then.