Amazing Spider-Man #700 To Change The Marvel Universe In A Seismic Fashion

It seems an age since C2E2. But an interview conducted by CBR with Dan Slott at the show has only just gone online.

In which Slott stated that Marvel Editor-In-Chief Axel Alonso has been contacting other creators on other Marvel books to ensure they reflect… whatever change is coming with Amazing Spider-Man #700 towards the end of the year.

What happens in #700 — everything I’ve written my entire career in comics, nothing has had this big an effect on a character than what happens in “Spider-Man” #700. Other creators will say, “This will break the Internet in half,” and “This will do this” and “This will do that” — this is for real! This is my biggest whack at the comic book piƱata. I’m breaking it and all the candy’s coming out. It’s not going back together. Something really seismic is going to happen in “Amazing Spider-Man” #700. So, you’re going to have “AvX” happen and shortly after, “Amazing Spider-Man” #700 and the Marvel Universe that you’re going to see after that — it’s not a reboot. There is no reboot. But the effects of “AvX” and the event that happens in “Spider-Man” #700 are so big that you’ll be looking at quite a different landscape after the seismic changes, he said, jiggling his neck fat.

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