Angie Harmon Wants To Be She Hulk, Dan Slott Offers Assistance

Having been moved to the verge of a standing ovation by Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner in The Avengers, Rizzoli & Isles star Angie Harmon has decided she has to be She-Hulk.


In her excitement, Ms. Harmon posed for a photo as though smashing the pavement. When she tweeted the picture, it got colour correct by a fan and sent back, so she tweeted it out again. Here it is.

And Harmon has now made her Hulkmania the focus of an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

It’s great that she liked The Avengers, and lovely that she sees some of The Hulk in herself, and also that she’s gone out and learned about She Hulk’s backstory but, really, this isn’t one quarter as interesting as when Donald Glover campaigned for the role of Spider-Man.

He knew he never really had a chance, I’m sure, but Glover was making a point about the staggering bias towards white leads in superhero movies. It was a good way of making the case.

But Harmon’s point is… she doesn’t have one. She’s having fun. She’d like the role. Maybe she’ll get it, who knows. She’s certainly got some support: here’s a tweet from Dan Slott, a writer well known for his She Hulk comics.

So, this is becoming a thing. Stars who align themselves with comic book characters that they’d like to play, hoping for some fan support, perhaps enough momentum to carry them across the line. It certainly seemed like Christian Bale was fancast as Batman long before Warner Bros. got around to him so maybe it works even when the star does nothing but just become a popular notion of who would fit.

Perhaps the most determined lobbiest so far was Isaiah Mustafa who made a concept trailer for a Luke Cage project as part of his campaigning. So much so that it got to be embarrassing, really.

At the moment, at least, Harmon still just seems to be having fun but I don’t really want to come back here in a week because she’s turned up in an expensive-looking and over-earnest She Hulk short on YouTube.