Captain America – Stripped To The Chest In AVX Or Not?

Now there will be some spoilers in this piece, I'll try to avoid all the big ones, but you are going to find out who wins between Gambit and Captain America, there's no getting around it. Sorry.

So, anyway, a lot of this week's Avengers Vs X-Men comics could just have squee written all over them in big letters. But it depends which of the comics you read.

For example, there are those who love to see Captain America's bare chest, his uniform ripped asunder, especially in close contact with Gambit. There's slashfic written about much less. But what you get to see depends on which book you read. Take this scene from Avengers Vs X-Men #4.

All well and good right? But if you read the same scene, expanded in Versus #2, some of you may get a lot more than that. And a Captain America who changes his dialogue because of it.

And read in conjunction with Uncanny X-Men #12, it does rather give such scenes added meaning…

And for those who just find this all a little too homosexualesque for their tastes, don't worry, Uncanny X-Men comes to your rescue there as well by hooking up Namor with… Hepzibah. Again, Kieron Gillen just finds the most fascinating and perfect couplings.

I dunno, I still think Namor is more suited to The Thing. And of course, the levels of nudity will probably differ depending on which version of the story you end up reading.

Clothes also seem to be an issue for Thor in Avengers and Avengers Vs X-Men. In fact, considering last week's Secret Avengers, continuity has gone to hell here. This is not a normal concern for me, but when reading the same events told in different comics in the same week and they seem to happen very differently, it makes my head itch, and not in a good way. Simply put I cannot reconcile Thor's attack on the Phoenix with diffrerent clothes and equipment and circumstances, especially given the timeline involved. You may cope better than I. It may need a Hitchhiker's Guide II bird to help me through it.

Added to last week's timeline seeming screwups at the Jean Grey school, the only recommendation I can give is don't read all these books at the same time. Wait a while between issues and maybe you'll forget the bits that don't gel together, and you can get back to squeeing about Hepzibah.

Thankfully Avengers Academy sidesteps all this by having a completely separate set of characters who didn't get involved with the narrative, they just echo its generalities.

And we actually get a comic about something in the process. Who'd have thought?

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London. Come see them this weekend at Kapow…

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