We’ve Got Some Stills from New British Fantasy Film, Fare. Here They Are

Regulars here will know I tend to cover the big expensive blockbustery type of film. But there are some films out there being made for less than the Transformers catering budget. And some of them are pretty interesting.

One such is Fare, a new thriller being made by director PJ Harling. It’s a mystical-sounding horror fantasy joint with echoes of Neil Gaiman,  but plugged right into that zeitgeisty banker-hostility that we are all, to a greater or lesser extent, feeling right now.

It tells the tale of city high-roller Dominic, who is is out on the town with a fat bonus to spend.

Even in cosmopolitan London though, here are some things money just can’t buy. Friends, for one thing, and as any Londoner will tell you, a taxi-ride south of the river.

Dominic is just beginning  to despair when a cab, driven by the beautiful and mysterious Charon, appears.

A dark, picaresque passage through the capital ensues. As they plunge into the night Charon forces Dominic to confront his misdemeanours.

Those of you that know your mythology will know that sooner or later he’s going to end up facing something or other when they reach the inky depths of the Thames. And after that? Well. As I say, they’re still shooting…

Fare is shooting right now in London, starring Christian Cooke from Demons and Mamie McCoy from Personal Affairs.  We’ve got some stills and a snippet of concept art from Marvel & 2000AD illustrator Jon Haward

You won’t be at all surprised to hear that this interesting-sounding independent production is still looking for more funding, so if you have a monstrous City bonus burning a hole in your immaculately-tailored pocked why not pop over to their crowdfunding page?