Prometheus Surprise: Special Guest Star Says He's In The Film – Also, First Clip

From near the front end of Prometheus comes this first clip, showing the ship as it comes in to land. Brace for entry.

There seems to be an edit before "God does not build in straight lines," perhaps to keep the pace up. That line just lunges right for the jugular of the film's themes, and I think that the character who delivers it, Holloway, is going to be instrumental in playing out the picture's subtext, but hopefully not just by dropping loads of lines like that. That would get old fast.

Now, I expect we'll be seeing a lot more clips from Prometheus over the next few weeks, and I doubt we'll see another one quite that spoiler free, so you might want to stop watching them now. Or, like me, you might be wondering why they aren't all here already.

And talking of spoilers…

…the following probably counts as one.


You have been warned.

During a roundtable to promote the new Tron: Uprising series, Alien series stalwart Lance Henriksen had a pretty big Prometheus surprise to share.

Somebody through the grapevine… I heard that they're using a digital version of me to describe history.

I assume the idea would be that a likeness of Henriksen, almost certainly reprising the role of Aliens' Bishop or Alien vs. Predator's Charles Bishop Weyland, gets to deliver some backstory. This would mean he's in four of the series, if we include the Predator-saddled step cousins, putting him in a tie with Sigourney Weaver. Almost doesn't seem right.

And maybe it isn't. I saw and reported on a scene from Prometheus in which a "digital Weyland" appears and recounts some exposition. The character is being played by Guy Pearce in prosthetics, not Henriksen, but the circumstances seem close enough for a little bit of confusion.

Though Henriksen himself seems sure enough to be a bit ticked off.

Very interesting, I can't wait to see it. Neither can my manager.

Would Fox really do something like this? Surely they'd have asked Henriksen at some point along the line?

Thanks to Crave for the round table transcript.