Extended Trailer And Clips From JJ Abrams And Jon Favreau’s New TV Show, Revolution

As you’ll learn from this four minute preview of Revolution, the show is set in a post-Electric future, some fifteen years “after the lights went out.” There’s a magical McGuffin, a band of travelling heroes, and lots of lo-fi sci-fi shenanigans.

You might be a little at a loss why they thought Revolution was the best name.

This pilot episode was directed by Jon Favreau, produced by JJ Abrams, and written by Supernatural‘s Eric Kripke who is serving, I believe, as the showrunner.

Billy Burke might bring in a slice of Twilight fandom, so the show could have a pretty good chance right off the bat. I’ve heard that the pilot isn’t great, but still the best of NBC’s new offerings. Still, that’s not to say it won’t build on that beginning with episode two, and beyond. That’s certainly happened before.

As has the exact opposite.

Here are three more clips from the first episode.

Giancarlo Esposito is out in the front of the pack, I’d say.

Revolution starts on NBC this fall.