Dudebox Launches New Dude Toy Line In London

Dudebox Launches New Dude Toy Line In London

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Have you ever seen the TV sitcom Nathan Barley? Because that’s where I was last night, a Shoreditch brick walled club filled with hundreds of gorgeous media luvvies in the most ridiculous of outfits all looking at plastic toys, while knocking back mojito after mojito.

Basically it was a dimly lit San Diego Comic Con, with slightly less facial hair and slightly more body fat. Thankfully I was on hand to make up the numbers.

It was the launch of Dudebox, a line of those plain-but-customisable figures that get radically transformed by the likes of Hicks, Attaboy, Jonny Wan, costing you three figure sums to buy, so you can sit it on your hot desk and tell people how much it cost.

Of course that’s what I thought until I was handed one on my way out and now I consider it a necessary expression of my individuality.

I arrived fashionably late, grabbed a drink and checked out the toys while people wondered if I was important enough to talk to. They were encouraging people to sketch their own Dude designs and I fear I went a bit mad and drew several. We had to put our phone numbers on… Why I’m not sure. But on the tube back, I got some rather entertaining messages.

There were hot dogs, popcorn, sushi, more drinks, an art stand off between Pete Fowler, Conzo, Alfa and Mr Gauky, a beatboxer, lights, music, and someone getting some under-underwear action in the corner. Ah, see I’ve missed this sort of thing since I became semi-respectable and moved out to the suburbs. I must get invited to more of these things.

So, yes, Dudebox. I took lots of photos, of the toys, of the drawings, of the people, and you can see a bunch of them  below.

I think I’ll return one of those text messages. The fashion magazine editor, she was quite fun and I probably need some magazine advice right now…


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