End Of Watch Trailer Has Some Very Silly Camerawork

End Of Watch Trailer Has Some Very Silly Camerawork

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David Ayer is back on the beat for another police story after having written, directed or both written and directed Training Day, S.W.A.T, Harsh Times, Dark Blue and Street Kings.

End of Watch seems to be the story of two ambitious, driven young officers who get in a little over their heads but it’s not the story that leaves the big impression in this trailer, it’s the camerawork. Already, you might argue, they’re getting it wrong.

So, at least as far as we can tell on a computer screen and through Yahoo’s encode, there’s no discernable difference in quality between the images shot on Gyllenhaal’s hand held camera, through the car-mounted camera or shot through the “not there” or “non diegetic” camera that captures many of the shots, including those that are “tied” to the guns.

And many of these “narrative” shots feature occlusions, or extreme converging verticals that mark them out as being shot on a camera – a camera we’re supposedly going to “forget is there.”

And then there’s the self-evidently handheld camera movement, also drawing attention to itself.

We’re getting most of the negatives of a found footage style with none of the positives.

Perhaps the footage selected for this trailer is supposed to bring awareness to the stylistic conceits and the film is more subtle and effective. Or maybe the story and characterisation will be powerful enough to draw audiences in any case.

I really, really don’t like the look of this one at all.

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