Who Will Be The First Person To Cosplay As Boy Chimney?

And how long will their hat be?

Dial H, the new series from China Miéville and Mateus Santolouco for the New DCU, most unusually edited by Karen Berger, is a relatively humdrum affair. The plot is straight out of central casting, is lacking in originality, interest, or anything that might set it apart from the standard tropes of the form. Bloke finds a transformative device to save himself and his friend from being attacked, people he attacks then find a way to reprise their attack, it’s all rather been-there-seen-that.

But in the middle, in the glorious middle, comes Boy Chimney. I cannot exaggerate how much you are going to love this guy. A spindly, super strong concoction of grime, grit and smog with an impossible hat, and a line in spouting steam-filled Victoriana. Possessing our lead character he proceeds to dispense soot-filled justice against his transgressors, while battling with his dual nature. And a hat that keeps changing sizes.

It’s basically the second coming of Flex Mentallo. I want toys, I want statues, I want a DC Nation cartoon. Please.

That he is quite so amazing, means that the second character to emerge in the book, Captain Lachrymose is, well, a bit of a let down really. I mean, he’s fine and all. But he’s no Boy Chimney. I know who I expect to see cosplay of first.

Did I mention I liked Boy Chimney?

Dial H is published by DC Comics today. Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics of London. The full creative team of Transformers #80.5 will be signing on Free Comic Book Day this Saturday. And their Roger Langridge exhibition is on now.

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