Updates On Transformers 4, Top Gun 2, Mission: Impossible 5, The Ring, Noah, Jack Ryan, Micronauts... And More

Updates On Transformers 4, Top Gun 2, Mission: Impossible 5, The Ring, Noah, Jack Ryan, Micronauts… And More

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This is just the sort of story I don’t enjoy writing. I could break it into countless pieces, add context to each and publish them separately, but as there’s one single, linkable source, I’d feel like I was ripping you off.

So I’m just going to give you the bullet points and then conclude with some overall comments

Paramount Film Group president Adam Goodman has spoken to The Hollywood Reporter about their slate of projects.

  • Transformers 4 is “going in a different direction” without Shia LaBeouf. Ehren Kruger is writing the script and the studio is currently “starting to engage.”
  • Top Gun 2 is likely to come before Mission: Impossible 5. Tony Scott will return to direct the Top Gun follow up and Peter Craig has been hired to write.
  • The next Jack Ryan movie, set to star Chris Pine, is going into production after the Star Trek sequel is wrapped and is intended for release next year.
  • The Hollywood Reporter list Saoirse Ronan and Jennifer Connelly as Russell Crowe’s co-stars in Noah, the next Darren Aronofsky movie, but these names don’t appear to come from Goodman directly. The film will be a PG-13 and has a budget in the region of $125 million.
  • Walter Parkes is expected to produce a very low-budget new installment of The Ring series.
  • There’s also to be “a dance-music documentary-style film on the DJ revolution.”
  • Anchorman 2 is priced at around $50 million.
  • The Nickelodeon imprint, which will be releasing Ninja Turtles, is intended for ” family adventures and really hard-core family comedies.”
  • Galaxy Quest‘s Robert Gordon is writing an original film for the studio’s new animation division.
  • The studio is moving forward on Ripley’s Believe It or Not, Matt Helm, Earthseed, Micronauts and Without Remorse, hoping that they might each start a franchise. Christopher Columbus’ The Secret Lives of Road Crews and Etan Cohen’s Boy Scouts vs. Zombies are in the works for the Nickelodeon label.

And that’s the data. Read the original review for the flavour.

It’s interesting that this interview with Goodman translates so well to a serious of, effectively headlines. I didn’t come out of it knowing anything much about this man, or really getting insight into the slate of projects that he’s working on, but I do have a list of films, and in some cases, names of some of the people working on them.

I’d have liked to have seen a different approach kick in, at least for half of the piece, that tried to get under the skin of the man, and the films, as much as possible.

It wouldn’t have generated so many back-links and so much traffic, of course.

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