Lying In The Gutters – 16th April 2012

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C2E2 filled the weekend from Chicago, but there were also conventions in Toronto and Australia going on as well. Me, I was also away at my folks with the family. Working, obviously, I wasn’t going to let you all down now, was I? And at least I didn’t miss any flights or have someone lose my luggage

Top Twenty Traffic Posts Of The Week

1. Marvel’s July 2012 Solicitations – Who’s Kitty Pryde Seeing Now?

2. So We Finally Know Who Loki’s Alien Army Are… But Does It Matter?

3. The New Justice League Via X-Men #1

4. The Dark Knight Rises: New stills, plot details, Bat-iPads

5. The First 616/Ultimate Crossover

6. Talking To Dan DiDio About Wally West. And Not Karen Berger.

7. Seven Thoughts About This New Hi-Def Catwoman Shot

8. An Open Letter To Geoff Johns About DC-Iranians

9. They Filmed Another Scene For The Avengers Last Night

10. Absolute Final Crisis To Have Seven New Pages And Batman RIP

11. Swipe File: Batman Vs Gambit

12. DC All-Access At C2E2: A Parasite Who Is No Longer Purple

13. So… What Will Before Watchmen Actually Be Like?

14. Image Comics July 2012 Solicitations

15. An Interview With A Comic Book Pirate

16. Boom! Spins Off New Adventure Time Comic – Marceline Scream Queens

17. An Interview With A Comic Book Pirate

18. Captain Marvel – Hairstyles And Earth’s Mightiest Tweaking Of DC

19. POLL: The Only Avengers Question We Still Can’t Answer

20. Next Month’s Buffy The Vampire Slayer Has Already Been Pirated

And Ten You May Prefer

1. Marvel Plans A Gay Marriage Media Furore For Astonishing X-Men

2. What Do Disney Shorts Have To Do With Humberto Ramos And Francisco Herrera

3. What’s Up With DC Comics, ComiXology And The Kindle?

4. Video: How Terry Gilliam’s Brazil Influenced TV Advertising With Ridley Scott

5. Creators Claim Monolith Back From DC, Image To Publish In July

6. Now He’s Left Disney, Glen Keane Is Returning To His Longtime Dream Project, Animating Beethoven’s 5th

7. First Shots Of Peter Parker Meeting Miles Morales

8. What’s So Special About The Scandinavian Crime Wave? Barry Forshaw Explains

9. Alan Davis Brings Back ClanDestine In July

10. Interview With Being Human’s Newest Lead Kate Bracken

And a special thanks to Grace Randolph, A Comic Show, Adi Tantimedh, Patrick Reed, Sam Walker, Cody Walker, Vicki Issit, Alexander Hoffman, Matthew Diener, Julian Louis Blair, John Bailey, Charles Stolz, Tom Huxley, Zach Parks, Alasdair Stuart, Linda Ge, Peter S Svensson, Alex Wilson, Taylor Ramsey, Kate Kotler, Dr Manolis Vamvounis, Jesse James, Geoffrey Wessel,  and Greg Baldino. Blimey, I think that’s a record.



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