Garth Ennis Sends Nick Fury To Assassinate Fidel Castro

Grath Ennis’ Fury book has a certain controversial reputation to live up to. The first series he wrote managed to kill the George Clooney-starring film adaptation, so horrified by the comic were Clooney’s people. This event eventually saw Bill Jemas pushed out of Marvel. How will Ennis top that his time?

I’m not sure the new series wil have quite the same effect. But the fourth issue in July does see the Nick Fury of 1961 sent by the CIA to Cuba to assassinate Fidel Castro.

It should be fairly obvious that he won’t succeed. And this will be one of he many failed attempts by America to assassinate the man. But this is a Garth Ennis comic after all, anything could happen…

Say, I don’t suppose Castro has been a Life Model Decoy all this time?


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