The First 616/Ultimate Crossover – “A Spider-Man Story That Matters”

The New York Daily News has reported that in June, the touted Spider-Men series from Marvel will be the first official crossover between the Marvel Universe and the Ultimate Universe.

Brian Bendis has long decried such an event, denying that the Ultimate Universe is even an alternate reality to the 616. And getting annoyed by people using the phrase 616 as well.

But in this 50th Anniversary, and set against things like Avengers Vs X-Men and Before Watchmen, clearly it’s time. Peter Parker from Amazing Spider-Man and Miles Morales from Ultimate Spider-Man.

The paper quotes Brian saying what I’m sure is tongue in cheek, but I can feel already will be controversial. “For the 50th anniversary of Spider-Man, what everyone was looking for was a Spider-Man story that mattered. Well, here you go.”

The paper however seems more concerned that Miles Morales looks like Alex Rodriguez…

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