Check Out Some Features Of The USCSS Prometheus From… Well, Prometheus

The oh-so on-the-nose naming of the ship in Prometheus is a bit daft, but it’s nowhere nearly as irksome as the Icarus 2 in Sunshine. Only a film as flat-out loopy as Titanic 2 can make a virtue of this goofiness.

But the Prometheus is an interesting ship, not least for its sleek designs.

This new image is annotated with a few features, but it’s hardly comprehensive. Why these? Are these the elements of the ship that will come in to play as the film’s narrative unravels?

The fireproofing at the front seems to be the most intriguing, in terms of possible narrative application, or necessity. Noomi Rapace has referred to her character’s arc in the film as a journey into Hell.

The image was posted at IGN, with a link from the Project Prometheus site.