Ten Page Preview: Iron Muslim #1 by Rich Johnston and Bryan Turner

Posted by April 9, 2012 Comment

This has to be one of the strangest comic books I’ve been involved with. And when that includes biographies of Prince William and a look at Watchmen through the imagery of Orthodox Judaism, that’s saying something.

It’s drawn by Bryan Turner, who has basially had a couple of books published by Ape Entertainment, with covers from drinking friend of old Mark Stafford and a variant cover by the classic comic parody artist Fred Hembeck. It will be followed by Captain American Idol, ScienTHORlogy and The Avengefuls later this month.

I used to love some of the old Parody comics of the eighties and nineties. WildBRATS and Gnatrat were particular favourites and Cerebus often got in on the action. Hopefully this could be an attempt to revive that.

Iron Muslim #1 is out on Wednesday. It’s already sold out at the distributor level, and on eBay, so you may want to order ahead. Here’s the first review I’ve seen...

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