Rolling The Bat Cave Stone Away…

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Where did you take Easter service this morning? Wherever you celebrated the day, it probably wasn’t in as cool a fashion as the Church Of The Rock in Winnipeg, Manitoba, where the Easter story was told through the medium of Batman.

This is not their first time at this sort of thing.

We have taken the amazing story of the resurrection and have presented it in modern parable form that can only be described as ‘Hollywood does Easter’. Donning sets, costumes and a home grown script written by ‘yours truly’ we have had some of Hollywood’s finest masquerading as the Christ. In The Wrath of Khan it was Captain Kirk who died and rose again. The next year it was Captain Jack Saviour (Sparrow) in the Pirates of the Galilean. I appeared as the villain Captain Barabbas (Barbossa).

Last year it was Westley from the Princess Bride of Christ. I did a cameo as Miracle Max and if you are watching on television this Easter Sunday you will catch at least a snippet of my performance doing the memorable “he’s only mostly dead” scene. One year I did my best impression of Michael Jackson in Robin of the Hood.

This year we are pulling out all the stops and doing Batman: The Dark Night. The Caped Crusader along with Robin the Boy Wonder will be arriving in the Batmobile. I will be making the requisite cameo, but I am afraid at this writing, that information is top secret.

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