Saturday Runaround: Legendary Doubles Down On Comics?

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This is Computo the Comic Link Conqueror speaking. I come for your women. But for now I merely collate comic-related bits and pieces online. One day I will rule. Until that day, read on.

They say I am a work in progress. The fools.

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Just how big a deal is Astonishing X-Men #51 expected to be? Well, this unusual indicator appeared in Marvel’s most recent shipping update to retailers:

Sneak Peek: Invincible Iron Man #516 | Iron Man |

You’ve heard from us about Long Way Down, the climactic story coming to the pages of INVINCIBLE IRON MAN this May, but now get your first look below courtesy of Salvador Larroca!


Legendary Closes $275M Of New Equity And Debt Financing –

Not only will the money be used to finance Legendary’s own slate of pictures (as opposed to the co-financing deal it has with Warner Bros), but Tull will more heavily move the company into creating intellectual property on the comics side.

Lots of noise and joy about Victories and TAKIO lately, but I want to assure everyone the Powers schedule is still on track since our return with issue 8. I’ll start leaking out a few panels to keep you excited. Here is something from issue 11!

MMA fighter made famous on WRIF’s Drew and Mike arrested in comic book thefts

A mixed martial arts fighter who made a name for himself in local radio is in trouble with the law. Police say he tried to sell stolen comic books valued at tens of thousands of dollars to undercover deputies.

Dark Horse – The Secret: Chapter 1 – YouTube – Motion Comic

Based on the Dark Horse comic The Secret.

Dynamite responds to ERB in Tarzan/John Carter lawsuit | The Beat

Well, Dynamite has responded, and it’s pretty much a blanket denial, as you can see above. Dynamite’s defense is pretty simple: the books are in the public domain, and ERB. Inc., doesn’t have a trademark to infringe.

New Avengers TV Spot Exclusively in Avengers Alliance | Avengers |

Marvel is exclusively premiering the next “Marvel’s The Avengers” television commercial in the hit Facebook game “Marvel: Avengers Alliance.” The new spot, live now, can be viewed only in the game at  Players who watch the exclusive spot will receive a “thank you” in the form of a gold bar, the coveted in-game currency.

ICv2 – DC’s Bob Wayne and John Cunningham on March Sales

Bob Wayne: Well there’s a different approach in how we sell to retailers and what we use as incentives to encourage them to order extra copies.  Marvel offered the possibility of getting very deep discounts on these titles, certainly deeper than any of the discounts that we’ve offered on the launch of the “New 52.”  We tend to use other tools to get retailers’ attention and get our books on the shelves. DC and Marvel just have different philosophies at this point on how to do this.

DC Nation – S.B.F.F. Batgirl Clip – YouTube

Another “Super Best Friends Forever” short will be airing.

DC Nation – Animal Man vs. a Train Clip – YouTube

Will Animal Man be able to save the day?

First Look: Venom #17 | Spider-Man |

Since he first donned the Venom suit, Flash Thompson has been hounded by the new Crime-Master who has threatened not only the symbiote soldier, but his friends and family as well. Beginning May 2 in VENOM #17, the villain launches his boldest attack yet against Flash and he’s got some serious back-up.


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