Where Exactly Is That Shield Helicarrier In Avengers Vs X-Men #1 Again Exactly?

Posted by April 5, 2012 Comment

Here is a panel from one of the final pages of Avengers Vs X-Men #1 from Marvel Comics. The print edition.

And here it is again, in the digital edition.

Note that the digital edition very kindly points out that this is a Shield Helicarrier, and where it is positioned but not in the print edition.

Please also note that the location is very wrong indeed. It is meant to be flying over Utopia, not Manhattan. Wrong coast. Could the Shield Helicarrier have been cut and pasted from a different use for the caption,  and the location have been kept the same by accident? Was this something intended to help and explain Marvel stuff to new readers using digital rather than print, and it went a bit wrong?

How many other print-to-digital differences are we seeing?

UPDATE: This one at least has been fixed. Now, about the difference between Nova’s arrival in this comic and the Infinite version?

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