Some Special Features And Deleted Scenes To Expect On The (Eventual) Titanic Blu-ray

You've now got your chance to go back and see Titanic where it works best – on a chuffing big screen, and in your choice of old 2D or new, and arguably improved, 3D. But it's not going to play in cinemas forever, and sooner or later, Titanic will be headed back to homes again.

When I spoke to Titanic's producer Jon Landau last week, we discussed some of the things that fans can expect to find on the eventual Blu-ray, besides both 2D and 3D versions of the film. Here's what he told me:

This is already the director's cut, the final cut, but we are planning to make available for fans, on the Blu-ray, added scenes but we are not going to change the cut of Titanic.

The first time we previewed the movie, and this was already without some scenes we shot but never put in the movie, it was forty minutes longer. A lot of those extra scenes were during the sinking.

One scene was of the Strausses, the old couple that we see, where the wife can get into the lifeboat but her saying she's not going anywhere without her husband. We had a scene on the deck with them. We had a scene with the little girl Cora and her family. There's a wonderful scene with Jack and Rose, from right after the third class party, and they're just walking on the deck and he starts singing Come Josephine and My Flying Machine. We didn't need that scene. There was a sequence with Lovejoy the butler chasing Jack and Rose down below and it followed them to the dining room where Jack and Rose hide and the water is coming up and you see the water getting higher until Jack has to come out and fight Lovejoy.

I would guess that you can expect the Blu-ray this year. The disc is being produced by the same people who did Avatar with us, Mobscene and Laurent Bouzereau and that team.

You can look forward to a couple of new documentaries. One is made specifically for the Blu-ray and DVD, and another that will take advantage of something we're doing with National Geographic, something called The Final Word in which bought in a group of experts, led by Jim, and they really talk about what happened with the ship from the moment it hit the iceberg to where it now lies in the Ocean. They discuss what we got right in the movie and what we got wrong, very candidly. Not everything was right. We didn't know things fifteen years ago, and we got it as right as people knew then but this documentary will define that.

Bouzereau makes good DVD supplements. I think this will be a disc to look forward to.