David Finch Hospitalised In Mexico

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Batman: The Dark Knight artist/co-writer was meant to be attending the La Mole comic convention in Mexico City this weekend. However, after arriving on Thursday he reportedly suffered serious food poisoning, and was taken to hospital.

Mexican radio and the convention facebook page are both now stating that the hospital have  declared that is out of danger, but there is no word whether or not David will be able to attend the show.

I’m told that David’s relatives are on the way to Mexico City  to visit him and help if they can.

UPDATE: David’s wife Meredith writes;

Prior to leaving for Mexico David had been feeling slightly unwell, but he attributed it to a cold. Upon his arrival to his hotel he began experiencing extreme abdominal pain. The hotel contacted a doctor who immediately recommended that Dave be sent to the hospital. Elias from the LaMole convention remained with David during his hospital stay where it was discovered that a gall stone (we didn’t even know he had gall stones) had blocked the duct leaving the gall bladder and he required immediate surgery to remove his gall bladder prior to it bursting. The hospital and it’s staff was exceptional and within hours of his arrival at the hospital he was undergoing surgery.

We can not say enough about the professionalism of the Elias and the staff at the convention. While it was unfortunate that this happened while he was in Mexic for a convention, we can only be grateful for the exceptional care and diligence of the staff at the hospital.

We would in no way like for this experience to prevent other professionals from attending the LaMole Convention and rather hope that it encourages them to travel to Mexico City knowing that they will be in very good hands.


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