David Yates Tells Us Doctor Who Movie Is Still Coming, May Tie In To Show

Posted by March 29, 2012 Comment

David Yates has just spoken with Bleeding Cool. Hannah will be back with exact quotes later, but here’s what Yates told her:

  • He’s still developing a Dr Who movie no matter what Steven Moffat said last weekend at the Dr Who convention;
  • It’s still five or six years away, however;
  • At this stage Yates thinks it’s a real possibility that the film will tie in with the TV series, though it’s too early for any kind of confirmation;
  • Yates said he’s looking forward to sitting down with Steven Moffat – who he refers to as a ‘genius’ – and discussing his plans.

I can’t imagine Yates would be saying all of this if Moffat had been right about there not being any plans for a film at all. Sounds like BBC Films and BBC Wales have some talking to do.

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