Despite The Gods Trailer – Into Jennifer Lynch’s Own Remarkable Heart Of Darkness

Very often the most memorable, and certainly the most dramatic, documentaries about filmmaking are the ones where everything seems to be going very wrong, the pressure seems to be getting very intense, and people seem to be on the verge of snapping.

Or do indeed sometimes snap.

Lost in La Mancha is perhaps the best example of how very, very badly filmmaking can go, despite the best intentions; Hearts of Darkness probably set the standard earlier, and established the paradigm. Both are essential stuff, if you can take them.

And perhaps we’ll soon have a third “classic” to add to that list. This trailer for Despite the Gods goes behind the scenes of Jennifer Chambers Lynch‘s Hisss, and it looks to be quite a crazy place back there.

If you can’t see the resemblance, or you don’t know her from her other work, I should point out that, yes, Ms. Chambers Lynch is David’s daughter. Her debut film, Boxing Helena, was a notorious flop and would have made for a great documentary itself, particularly in respect of the lawsuits that arose when Kim Basinger backed down on a verbal agreement to star.

Hisss did play in UK cinemas a couple of years back, but without subtitles and on a very small number of screens. I don’t want to spoil the documentary, but I understand that Lynch didn’t see the film all the way through the edit, and has subsequently disowned the finished product. I keenly await an English-friendly release so I can check it out for myself.

But even more keenly than that, I’m afraid to say, I can’t wait to see Despite the Gods… though I do already feel Rubber Necker’s Remorse just thinking about it

Thanks to Quiet Earth for the embed.