Detention Poster Only Hints At This Remarkable Film’s Hi-Octane Lunacy

Almost anything goes in Joseph Kahn‘s Detention. There’s at least four different genres being mashed up – a horror film, a sci-fi film, a teen movie and a kind of detective story; several more visual styles, smashed into one another so rapidly they’ve essentially fused; and countless ideas and asides that, often, don’t seem one half as important as they are until it all comes together at the end.

In short, I don’t think you’ve ever seen anything like it, and you’ll love it for it. For that and the big laughs.

The film is getting a limited release across the US in April, courtesy of AMC cinemas. I hope it goes wide across the UK too – it really felt like the big discovery at Frightfest last Autumn.

Here’s a poster for that theatrical release, as revealed on the film’s Facebook page.

Okay, so it’s very similar to the festival poster, just with added Hutcherson. But the kid put his neck out for this film, even financially speaking, and there’s all respect due to him for doing so. I can’t begrudge him a little bit of face time in the marketing. Particularly not now The Hunger Games is making him into a star.