Steven Moffat “Annoyed” By Sherlock Show Elementary, Fears Damage To “Brand”

He knows that Sherlock Holmes was not his creation, and he knows that the idea of updating Holmes was not new either, but Steven Moffat is still feeling pretty miffed about CBS’ upcoming show Elementary.

Speaking at the Royal Television Society Awards, the BBC’s Sherlock-meister told Newsbeat:

It isn’t a version of our show. They’ve just decided to go off and do one of their own, having been turned down by us to do an adaptation of our version.So how do you think I feel about it? Annoyed is in there.

But it could get worse. It could get Hulk bad. Moffat went on to say:

I hope they know their Sherlock Holmes very, very well indeed because we know what’s in our show and wasn’t in the original. So if we did discover our material had made it into somebody else’s show we would have a problem with that.

And he even admits a general fear that the show might be rubbish and just tarnish the Holmes brand, though I would like to think Conan Doyle‘s legacy can stand up to a cruddy TV series or two. Indeed – it already has. And any number of subpar movies.

I also don’t agree with Moffat that the American do-over of Coupling, flaccid as it was, besmirched the face of his BBC original either. I know which one has been completely forgotten, and which one is bound to be rediscovered, time and again, as more and more fans come to Moffat through more and more of his new work.

Though while I don’t agree, I do understand where these feelings come from.