What You Can Expect From The Film Coverage In Bleeding Cool Magazine

It’s too early to say too much, but I want to give away at least a little of the film-specific content you can look forward to in the first issues of Bleeding Cool magazine.

With Issue Zero out in May the timing is perfect, of course, for The Avengers, and really, we’d be letting you down without something there, so you can bank on that.

And then there’s also a piece from a very well-known, household name film director. I met up with him last year for a tour of one of his film sets, and he’s been good enough to give Bleeding Cool a good run down on… this keenly anticipated project. That I can’t yet name. But we’ve run the trailer on the site, and covered the film in multiple stories and… you’ll have to wait and see.

And there’s going to be more. And I wish I could spill about it all now. But I can’t. I’ve got some good talent on board to contribute, and share more about their films, and as the time comes, I’ll start naming names.

Keep an eye out for teases and hints along the way…