BGZ And The Walking Dead Create Dark Phoenix Cosplay On Fire

Well this is something else. BGZ Studios have pushed cosplay to new ends. Taking Miracole nd turning her into a Dark Phoenix by setting her on fire. And not just in Photoshop.

BGZ Studios had been to considerable lengths in order to set up the stunt, to no avail. But then luck struck. And then struck out again. He writes;

I then got a phone call from on of my video guys.  He brought up that he knew the fire effects team that worked on Walking Dead TV series here in Atlanta and actually gave me the guys number.  Called him up, spoke for many hours and how we could make a fire stunt happen which ended up with me hiring him and his team.  It was an amazing relief and a great feeling seeing the idea move forward… until I got a phone call from the Warehouse property manager (where we were going to shoot at).

“Sure, you can do pyro stunts in the warehouse, as long as you front up $100,000 for liabilities and insurance”

Read how he solved his problems here.



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