First Pictures Of Javier Bardem’s Bond Baddie – And He’s Wearing An Interesting Disguise

If you make your way past the spoiler roadblock you’ll see some interesting set-snaps of Javier Bardem, filming his turn as the villain of this year’s Bond movie, Skyfall. This our second bit of Bond reportage today, both regarding Bardem, both lightly spoilerish.

So, check out the blonde do. It’s not quite Anton Chigurh hair, but it’ll stand out.

And you won’t miss the uniform.

These scenes were being filmed in Whitehall which is, I imagine, appearing in the role of Whitehall. I expect we’re right at the MI6 headquarters here.

The Daily Mail as also got some shots of Daniel Craig at the same time.

Looks like standard-issue “the villain slips right under the hero’s nose” stuff, but there’s no way of knowing until, I’d expect, the film’s release in October.