Netflix Interested in Resurrecting Terra Nova

The ambitious, or perhaps just over-reaching Netflix are now looking at the possibility of bringing the recently-axed Terra Nova back to life. They’ve already resurrected Arrested Development for a new series, coming along later this year.

But an episode of Terra Nova is likely to be a lot more expensive than an episode, indeed several episodes of Arrested Development.

Deadline say that Terra Nova did show particular appeal with young audiences using DVRs and catch up services, so a subscription streaming company might be a good home for it. If they can afford it. And that’s a big if.

I’d like to see Netflix try something lower budget and more idiosyncratic. If they can land on something unique to their service that is fresh and gets lots of buzz, I imagine their original programming might start to seem more appealing and build a cool reputation of its own – the way we think of HBO has being the home to a certain sort of show. New series of canned Network shows, however, seems a bit lacking in imagination and more of a short term play.