What's Up Next For Andrew Stanton After John Carter? Here's What I've Been Able To Find Out

What’s Up Next For Andrew Stanton After John Carter? Here’s What I’ve Been Able To Find Out

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Last weekend I got to sit down for some decent sized chats with Jim Morris and Lindsey Collins, producers of John Carter, and Andrew Stanton, the film’s director and co-writer.

Mostly we talked about their incredible current film – I published the bulk of my chat with the producers last night, with my Stanton interview to follow tomorrow – but we did also look to the future a little.

You know, I don’t care so much what Stanton does next, as long as he does something he cares about. I loved Finding Nemo, I loved Wall-E and I’m currently in the midst of a passionate, some might even say torrid, affair with John Carter.

Though, having said that, the specifics of what Stanton might be doing next were particularly exciting.

Here’s the tail end of my conversation with Collins and Morris:

BC: Do you know what you’re going to be doing next?

LC: Yes! Well… we know it’s going to be one of about three or four that Andrew’s got cooking right now. 

BC: So the team continues.

LC: Oh yes, the team continues.

JM: We can’t be killed by conventional means.

LC: He can’t shake us.

BC: And how many of those are live action, how many are animated?

LC: There’s both in there… Andrew’s got three or four cooking that are kind of competing and I think he loves them all equally and he’s waiting to see which one feels like the right one next.

JM: And if this picture does well, we’ll get to do the second one.

BC: That would be nice.

JM: Oh, it would be nice if that happens.

BC: And you’re in a good position for that, I understand, creatively?

JM: They’ve got it outlined, Michael [Chabon]’s writing already and we’re proceeding like it’s going to happen because, the truth is, if it does, it needs to be ready to go. We’ve been talking to department heads.

LC: Man, you thought one was crazy.

BC: Yeah?

LC: I just read the outline for two and it’s like “Whooooo!”

JM: We’ll have to tame that beast a little bit.

LC: It’s a big one.

BC: Superb. Now… is there not one little thing you can tell me about one of those four possible films?

JM: Okay… Don’t be surprised if Andrew Stanton comes up with an emotional drama that is not effects driven or animated.

BC: Wow. I don’t think you could say anything more exciting, actually.

And surfing that excitement, I went a few doors up the corridor to speak to Stanton. Most of that conversation will follow tomorrow, but here are his comments on these potential new projects:

BC: Jim and Lindsey hinted that there might be as many as four possible paths you could go down next. 

AS: That’s an interesting number.

BC: Might one of them be a low-scale, non-effects driven, non-tentpoley type thing?

AS: Oh, I have a huge range of interests…

BC: But to me that’s a fascinating prospect. Is it likely?

AS: Me too. Again, I will never jump into anything because of the medium. That’s not what interests me, even though that might be what you guys are interested in or wanting to talk about [no, it isn’t, really] I’m interested in the story [me too]. So if that means the story I love is fully animated, then I’m gonna do that.

BC: I’m just enjoying the confirmation that you’re chasing the story.

AS: But… my stories do range over all possible mediums.

Indeed they do. The biggest thing that Nemo, Wall-E and Carter have in common, as well as the Toy Story films that Stanton was a key writer on, is the commitment to telling the story well.

John Carter is released on Friday, March 9th. Go and see it. It’s really great.

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