Some Things You May Not Have Spotted In The New Men In Black 3 Trailer

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A new trailer for Men in Black 3 launched today and while most of it is utterly self explanatory, some shots seem to merit a little commentary. We’ll start at the top.

All of these witnesses to an alien fish incident are being wiped by the neutraliser. Except perhaps that one in the rear, near the left. They’re looking off to the side. But still in range to have seen the fish, mind.

I hope they’re one of the Men in Black team.

It goes by quickly enough that you might have missed this guy’s extra limbs.

You probably also missed the big area of green material on the tank to the right. The previous trailer contained this shot of what the tank contains:

It’s the chuffing big fish. Which suggests some chronology: the scene with the “unmasking” of the alien unfolds before Agent J gets fish slapped in the street. Of course, his dry suit gives that away too…

Anyway, no need to debate the inclusion of the green screen material. It really is there, and it really shouldn’t be.

Also, note that those are eyes on stems and not just some little antennae. Nicely, the “human eyes” go dead at this point.

So, we’re three aliens in and they all reside in Chinatown.

Right from the opening scene of the first film, the aliens have taken the guises of… well, aliens. Migrants to America. It’s the central metaphor of the thing, and the film depends on there being migrants of all temperaments, both good and bad. The Men in Black are just there to make the process official, efficient and safe. This is most definitely a political point of view, and it’s my favourite thing about any of the films at all.

This is the film’s chief villain, who we believe to be called Boris though, in early drafts, he was being called Yaz. He’s played by Jemaine Clement of Flight of the Conchords. You’ll see that he has something on his arm there but I’ve got no idea what. Set photos of the character in other scenes don’t feature this item at all.

Both of these shots show the same clip of Bill Gates on the TV screens. Also note that other screens are blurred out. Just as “in progress” as the green screen above, I imagine.

Identical busts representing specific agents, and they slip into the floor? Look like memorials, but I have no idea what’s going on or why they look exactly alike.

Check the TV screens for breaking news. Something horrible is happening to the Eiffel tower. Doesn’t seem that Agent J is that moved by it… does he stop caring when the marauding is overseas? Or is he just more focused on getting back in time and changing everything that way?

One of these time devices is missing. Plot point!

This is high enough for Smith to reach terminal velocity, so I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s what he needs to achieve in order to travel through time. If so, it would have been easier for him to skydive from an airplane, but probably not as groovy looking in 3D.

Quite an interesting, busy frame and you probably want to click through for a better look. Lots of 60s-styled sci-fi tropes, of course, and perhaps that’s Abbie Hoffman on the right near the front, looking almost as much like Howaard Stern.

The purple haired lady on the far left is rumoured to be Lady Gaga making a cameo, but we’ll see about that.

What is definite is that in the centre you can see Alice Eve as Oh, the younger version of Emma Thompson’s character. That’s her looking at her watch.

And another collection of colourful characters. I guessed at first that this was supposed to be Warhol’s factory but there’s a catwalk.

This trailer seems to be revealing Warhol as an undercover Man in Black, where early drafts of the script had him as an alien.

This is what the alien who explodes looks like before he goes to liquid. Slick duds. Some kind of protection scam gangster?

So, why are these guys going to ride completely impractical looking sci-fi gyro bikes?

Because baddie Boris is a biker. This blur is Jemaine Clement’s character in action. Here’s an on set picture for a better look at his biker styles.

A horde of… something. Humanoids. And they’re getting sucked through the hole, so where they are, there’s no atmosphere outside.

Seems like the rumours of Boris being kept in a prison on the moon are all true.

Looks like whatever that thing attacking the Eiffel tower was, it wasn’t alone. And they’ve come to America. Oops. That’s bound to get them a slap down.

The thing in the background of this shot was on display at Comic-Con last summer. Here’s one of my pictures of it.

Men in Black 3 is out in the UK and US on May 25th. I hope they’ve put in all of the giant CG fish by then.

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