The Powers TV Show May Live On Despite Lucy Punch Dropping Out

Lucy Punch is … not Deena Pilgrim. At least not any more, as according to Deadline the actress has left the TV adaptation of Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming‘s comic series Powers in order to join the cast of Ned Fox Is My Manny, a new comedy pilot on Fox. On the surface, this sounds like very bad news for Powers, since the pilot has already undergone reshoots since FX began taking an interest. Now the show is short one leading lady, and the need for further reshoots puts it in a rather precarious position.

It’s not all doom and gloom, though. Brian Michael Bendis assures his fans via Facebook that the show has some life in it yet.

though lucy punch has moved on, powers tv is not dead. if it was i would tell you honest & true. new scripts have been ordered for more episodes & there will be news in may about how we are going forward. the network is behind us all the way. its quite nice. its going to be a long haul but its all about quality. i desperately want the best show we can make.

With Punch out of the picture, some fans are clamouring for Katee Sackhoff to replace her as Deena Pilgrim. I’d recommend keeping your hopes up for seeing Powers on your TV; FX have already invested quite a lot in the show and if they’re as supportive as Bendis suggests, this latest bump in the road should be possible to work through.