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FilmWatch: A new movie from Levi Marcelo tells the story of how the comic creators of the Philippines have invaded US comics.

It all began in 2005, when Marcelo was working for an OFW newspaper, where she was assigned to write an article on Pinoy comic book artists who were published by big companies like Marvel and DC. “For me, a Pinoy breaking through to work in American comics is the equivalent of a local filmmaker directing a big budget Hollywood film,” says Marcelo, who was excited by the opportunity.
She got to speak with star artists Leinil Yu and Gerry Alanguilan, and was particularly inspired by Alanguilan’s enthusiasm and respect toward the previous generation of artists that originally broke through in the early 70’s.

BillyWatch: The Billy Wright Collection, reported on yesterday, outdid its estimated value of two million dollars, to three-and-a-half million dollars, wth Detective Comics #27 trousering over half a million.

CreatorWatch: Kathryn And Stuart Immonen talk to Comics Alliance about taking on Avenging Spider-Man for an issue.

SI: I think marriage is a factor insofar as we spend a lot of time together and have a communicative relationship; that being said, that doesn’t describe a lot of marriages, I guess. In the studio, we can refine ideas or run things by each other to make sure we both approach the work from similar vantage points — there isn’t the mediating influence of email or the phone. It’s more amorphous for our non-mainstream work, but that has more to do with the rigidity imposed by a 20-page story structure than how we interact with each other.

KI: We argue about a lot of stuff but work isn’t on that list. I’m not sure being married affects anything but we have known each other for a very long time, have (mostly) the same or highly intersecting sets of references which, in turns, helps to promote a kind of shorthand. Having said that, though, we don’t… uh… collude.

The process, editorially, is the same as with any other project, maybe even more so in this case as neither of us have yet had the privilege of working with [Avenging Spider-Maneditor] Stephen Wacker. With the Thing vs Namor ten-pager we did for [editor] Nick Lowe, I was able to give Nick a page by page description and then asked if I could just do the panel breakdown for Stuart and then dialogue it after. He was fine with that for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is Stuart. But also we’ve all done a fair amount of work together.

GigWatch: Writer Geoffrey Wessell is looking for an artist, preferably of 2000AD pedigree. And he’s willing to pay.

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DC Closes Message Boards visitors will find a pleasant surprise when they visit our site in early March in the form of an entirely new and redesigned website, complete with new features and exclusive content. The new site will be the home to all things DC Entertainment and will incorporate many different community elements, including opportunities for fans to comment throughout the site and integrated social media features. As part of its online makeover, DC Entertainment will be shutting down the current message boards in early March.  Active message board users are encouraged to save their favorite conversations leading up to the closure.  Special thanks to the many fans who participated in the messages boards over the years

Vertigo: Graphic Content » Blog Archive » AMERICAN VAMPIRE #24 PRIMER by Scott Snyder

WARNING – this primer contains SPOILERS regarding previous issues!!!

‘Spider-Man’ Sends Us On An ‘Amazing’ Viral Mission

Strange things have been coming to me in the mail recently. Last week, I received Peter Parker’s backpack. Days later, a cell phone of unknown origin arrived as well. Though I was initially unsure of what the clues were pointing to, the mystery finally revealed itself to me: I was being summoned to support Spider-Man on an “Amazing” adventure. Watch the video below to see how it all played out.

Free Ultimate Spider-Man Premiere Comic | Comic News | News |

The most-anticipated new show of 2012 is almost here as “Ultimate Spider-Man” swings into the Marvel Universe block on Disney XD April 1, giving fans of all ages a whole new look at the world’s greatest super hero! But you can get your first look at this all-new animated series in Ultimate Spider-Man Premiere, a screen capture comic book adaptation of the premiere episode, utilizing the same story and art you’ll see on the small screen, presented like you won’t see anywhere else. This comic is perfect for fans of all ages and a must-have item to have in stock for Free Comic Book Day!

GigWatch: Writer Geoffrey Wessell is looking for an artist, preferably of 2000AD pedigree. And he’s willing to pay.

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