Mark Waid To Launch A Series Of Webcomics This Summer

Mark Waid has told In Media Res of his plans to launch a number of webcomics this summer, and has been experimenting with the medium to create works that go beyond what the printed page can offer.

He writes;

As I proceed, my artists and I are constantly learning more about what does and doesn't work with digital. Yet without resorting to the crutch of cheap, limited animation, we're still able to suggest movement by altering the art between panels on the "page turn" that happens when the reader taps the left or right edge of the screen. We can break long captions or art elements into pieces that seem to "drop in" as the pages are turned. And we're only just beginning to learn.

Here is a sample of his digital comic Luther.

It resembles very much the digital comic Valentine by Alex De Campi and Christine Larsen, specifically the way the speech balloons appear on a panel after the panel appears, stretching out the story flow.

The idea of changing previous panels as you uncover new ones is intriguing however. I wonder how a digital version of the Matt Feazell strip where he borrows money from himself in the future might work?


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