Watch The Full First Episode Of Awake Now… And Then Tell Me What It's Like

Awake is, without a doubt, the one new thing on TV that I'm actually excited about and looking forward to. Creator Kyle Killen and star Jason Isaacs are both really superb, and the "split reality" premise seems to be targeted on some genuine and engaging drama.

I've recently flagged up a handful of clips, including a good chunk from the start of the first episode. My interest has only flourished, promo by promo, story by story.

The show is going to premiere on NBC in the US on the 1st of March, though you can actually see that whole first episode now, using the player below.

I'm not in the States, so I can't watch this… not really. So let me canvass your opinions. I look forward to reading your comments in the forum.

Okay then. When is this coming to the UK?