First Minutemen Art From Darwyn Cooke - And The Watchmen Contract

First Minutemen Art From Darwyn Cooke – And The Watchmen Contract

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FastCoCreate has a new interview with Alan Moore talking about Watchmen – accompanied by the first art from Darwyn Cooke from the Minutemen book. It seems an odd article for DC Comics to have agreed to provide such artwork for, as negative as it is, including such paragraphs as;

More recently, Moore says some lawyers involved with another of his projects offered to review the Watchmen contract he’d signed nearly three decades earlier. “It was a nostalgic moment seeing it after all these years,” he says. “There was a clause that essentially said that, if in the future, there were any documents or contracts that I refused to sign, DC was entitled to appoint an attorney to sign them instead. [The lawyers] said it was the most creator-hostile contract they’d ever seen.



“I thought about it for a while–I could perhaps sue, although I suspect DC would be very comfortable with that,” Moore adds. “They have a whole battery of lawyers who could continue to fight this case for decades. And it’s not like I’m after money. It’s always been about the dignity and integrity of the work. I just want them not to do something. There’s no point in wasting resources for decades, when effectively, if there’s a legal case, I’d be prohibited from speaking about it, which DC is more worried about.”

Moore contines at length with his concerns for the medium, with Dan DiDio defending the decision to publish Before Watchmen, citing Dave Gibbons support.


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