An Unkillable Emperor And An Unharmable Dan – Avatar In May

The latest edition of Previews is just around the bend, and we're giving you a head start at looking at the March 2012 solicitation artwork for Avatar Press (corresponding to items shipping in May).

Caligula Volume 1 Softcover Edition (Cover by Jacen Burrows)
David Lapham and German Nobile's tale of the infamous Roman emperor.  To mock one who walks on water, Caligula walks on blood.

Caligula Volume 1 Hardcover Edition (Cover by Jacen Burrows)
The tyrant's awfully thirsty, and now so am I.  Don't judge.

Caligula Volume 1 Signed Hardcover Edition (Cover by Jacen Burrows)
Caligula cannot be killed, as demonstrated on this cover. In the story, a peasant must join the emperor's court… and witness all its gut-wrenching horrors, just to wait for the opportunity to discover the secret behind the invincibility.

Dan the Unharmable #1 Regular Edition (Cover by Rafael Ortiz)
Speaking of someone who can't be killed… welcome to Eisner winner David Lapham's Dan the Unharmable.

Dan the Unharmable #1 Wraparound Edition (Cover by Rafael Ortiz)
Dan's not afraid of anything.  You can beat him with sticks, stick him in the oven, or throw him off a bridge.  But he's responsible for people who are anything but unharmable, and this private detective is about to embark on his most personal case.

Crossed: Badlands #5 Regular Edition (Cover by Jacen Burrows)
Jamie Delano's story arc, "Homo Superior," takes place in the Florida Everglades. Hence the gator skull.

Crossed: Badlands #5 Torture Edition (Cover by Jacen Burrows)
Let's keep moving forward with the Crossed motif.

Crossed: Badlands #5 Wraparound Edition (Cover by Jacen Burrows)
If you're a fan of the post-apocalyptic zombie scenario, you really should be reading Crossed.  It's got a similar feel, as you can see below, but it's so far beyond mere wandering hordes.  It's killers, killers everywhere.

Crossed: Badlands #6 Regular Edition (Cover by Jacen Burrows)
Respect the 'stache.

Crossed: Badlands #6 Torture Edition (Cover by Gianluca Pagliarani)
The artist of Crossed 3D returns to the franchise with this fearsome image.

Crossed: Badlands #6 Wraparound Edition (Cover by Oscar Jimenez)
Another reason to avoid air travel.

Stitched #5 Regular Edition (Cover by Mike Wolfer)
So creepy, so incredibly creepy.

Stitched #5 Gore Edition (Cover by Mike Wolfer)
For some reason, I'm reminded of the Seinfeld episode when Kramer and Newman make the sausage.  Great, now I'm hungry, too.

Stitched #5 Wraparound Edition (Cover by Mike Wolfer)
The undead creatures of Garth Ennis' horror story Stitched just love to rend and tear with melee weapons.

Dicks #4 Regular Edition (Cover by John McCrea)
The first story arc of Ennis and McCrea's Dicks ends with a classic "Everybody vs. Everybody" scenario.  Guns a'blazin'!

Dicks #4 Offensive Edition (Cover by John McCrea)
So offensive, we can't even show you.  This is for your protection.  For your enjoyment, however, buy the book.

Ferals #5 Regular Edition (Cover by Gabriel Andrade)
Officer Dale Chesnutt may want to turn around.  Just an idea.

Ferals #5 Gore Edition (Cover by Gabriel Andrade)
Ferals is pure, unadulterated horror.

Ferals #5 Wraparound Edition (Cover by Gabriel Andrade)
If you've been reading Ferals, then you know Dale Chesnutt's a bit of a badass.